Trilibis Mobile (DeviceAnywhere)

Category: Mobile Application Development/Testing

Company: Trilibis Mobile/DeviceAnywhere

Brand: Trilibis Mobile

Background: Trilibis Mobile™ is a technology-enabled publisher of interactive network applications for mobile devices. The company’s portfolio includes both original content and third-party titles under license from popular online communities and influential digital media companies.

The company’s SmartPath® Mobile Publishing Solution is a cross-platform wireless application development solution for mobile phones, PDAs and other wireless devices, which enables customers to quickly create, broadly deploy, frequently update and easily manage customizable, cross-platform mobile applications.

Goals: With mobile social networking becoming the ‘next big thing’, Trilibis was in the midst of developing two community-based applications. These applications needed to be compatible with multiple various mobile device platforms, a handful of carriers and hundreds of handsets.

To test these applications, Trilibis required a cost-effective solution that would not only give its developers the ability to simulate the end-user experience post-deployment, but would also highlight device UI reactions to each of the different stages of the development process.

Furthermore, with its development team spread between the U.S. and Singapore, Trilibis wanted a solution that would allow for virtual, real-time collaborative development, testing and QA, without requiring its team to travel from location to location throughout the process.

Solution: Reviewing the company’s challenges, Trilibis turned to DeviceAnywhere™ for a solution that would enable for more effective and efficient management throughout the design and development process. By utilizing DeviceAnywhere’s multiple solutions, Trilibis was able to access an intelligent and comprehensive platform that allowed the company to create and run automated tests on all requisite devices in a live environment.

DeviceAnywhere’s Direct-To-Device™ technology enabled developers to interact with real handsets in live, global networks over the Internet.

Through DeviceAnywhere’s software, developers were able to remotely control and operate the devices, press keys using electrical signals, and stream and view displays using video capture and streaming.

Results: Trilibis used DeviceAnywhere as a primary testing and debugging tool when it was tasked with launching a dating application with two major UK carriers.

The challenge was to find a cost-effective solution that would facilitate real device usage. Sending testers and developers to UK was one of the options, however the cost associated with that option would have been excessive.

With DeviceAnywhere’s technology, Trilibis was able to test, debug and monitor the application across 15 different devices more efficiently and effectively.

In addition, DeviceAnywhere enabled Trilibis to decrease the time-to-market for new applications, allowing the company’s developers to remain in their offices while collaborating on a global scale.

Below is a table highlighting Trilibis’ savings when using DeviceAnywhere. (Please note that the table doesn’t include pay time for testers and developers, as it would stay constant regardless of the method of testing).


Without  DA


With DA


Devices tested + sims


 $ 1,600


$ 950

Travel expenses for testers sent to the UK


 $ 6,500



$ 0

Travel expenses for developers sent to the UK


 $ 3,500


 $ 0  

Total costs


 $  11,600


 $   950

Saving with DA 


With the use of DeviceAnywhere, Trilibis was able to save over $10,000 while building and testing their community-based social application. Moreover, these costs did not factor in the actual travel time/cost of Trilibis’ two testers and one developer. Needless to say, Trilibis was able to successfully overcome their challenge.

Based on this achievement, Trilibis plans to work with DeviceAnywhere when developing all future applications and foresee a long and fruitful partnership ahead with DeviceAnywhere.

About DeviceAnywhere: DeviceAnywhere is an award-winning product that provides convenient and cost-effective end-to-end solutions for mobile content development, monitoring, testing and deployment - enabling application developer to bring better content to market faster than ever before. Its unique Direct-to-DeviceTM technology provides access to real handsets in live global networks, from anywhere. DeviceAnywhere currently supports 1500 devices on more than 25 different carrier networks worldwide, with locations in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany, and Japan. To learn more about DeviceAnywhere - and to sign up for a free, three-hour trial - please visit