Paramount Pictures Engages Global Fans with an Immersive "Jackass 3D" Mobile Ad Experience



Drive ticket sales for "Jackass 3D" movie premieres around the globe with a unique, in-language, engaging mobile experience.


  • Reach: The campaign leveraged Millennial Media's extensive global network to reach target movie-goers on four continents, ten countries, in six languages and across all platforms.
  • Targeting:Millennial Media's exceptional targeting capabilities allowed Paramount to reach the Jackass audience via mobile channels in designated locations.
  • Engagement: Millennial Media partnered with Paramount Pictures and MEC to develop a compelling localized mobile experience that featured expandable rich media ad units, a one-of-a-kind, in-ad, interactive game and mobile site. After playing the game, users could share results on Facebook and visit the movie's mobile site to purchase tickets, watch a trailer, view photos and additional videos.


  • Strong Box Office Results: $50M opening weekend (month-high across all theater releases);More than $115M in U.S. box office earnings in first two months.
  • Tremendous interaction rates; the game was replayed by users more than a third of the time.


"Utilizing mobile allowed us to extend our brand into a space dominated by our target audience. Creating this game gave us the opportunity to take the attributes of what made Jackass so popular and allow users to interact with them in the mobile space."
- Mike Rosenberg, Executive Director of Advertising & New Media at Paramount Pictures

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