Neosaldina (pontomobi interactive)

As happiness is all about welfare, no one better to measure the good humor of the population than a medicine for headache. So, Neosaldina decided to invest in research on the mood of the town, and thus establish greater contact of the brand with consumers.

The project’s goal is to encourage the “cariocas” to think about Rio’s self-esteem and also open a space for people to say how they are feeling.

Was installed in Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhood of Leblon, a panel of around 290m ² with the question "Is Rio happy?”. The drivers and the pedestrians who pass by there can send their replies by SMS, with the words "yes" or "no", and also on the website The result is updated in real time on-screen and on the website.

The panel was on air for three months and during this period there were more than 150.000 votes counted.