Intel Mobile Scavenger Hunt (Madhouse Inc.)

Duration: 25 December, 2008 - 11 January, 2009
Company: Madhouse Inc. (
Client: Intel

In December 2008, Intel launched a treasure hunting campaign on the mobile internet with Madhouse, using mobile media to engage with target audiences and promote the Intel® Centrino® 2 processor.







· Promote Centrino® 2 to target consumers via mobile medium
· Attract consumers’ attention, familiarize them with the functions of the Centrino® 2
· Increase the interaction between consumers and Intel, enhance consumer experience

· Serve ads to target audiences with broad demographic reach
· Integrate the product promotion and game, express brand information to consumers via gaming
· Drive consumers to participate in the game

The Solution
· Create the Intel Inside Treasure Hunting Zone in, one of the largest mobile internet portals in China
· Utilize mix of different mobile ad formats, including mobile video, banners and text links
· Ads were served intelligently targeting users of mobile phones costing over RMB 2,000 on Run-of-Network sites on the MadNetwork
· In order to maximize advertiser ROI, each unique visitor may only click the ads three times every day









In 18 days, 13,574 mobile users participated in the game and 8,271,838 icons were collected.
Madhouse helped Intel create a more intimate interaction with its target consumers. Madhouse also created a viral marketing campaign by inviting friends to join in and utilized the power of social groups.