Florida Department of Health AIDS Awareness Campaign

The AIDS virus is a sensitive and private issue, which often creates hesitation to reach out and educate. People are often reluctant to publicly inquire on testing locations or other information. With the AIDS epidemic becoming more alarming, government agencies are searching to find a way to intervene.

The Florida Department of Health wanted to launch a campaign where people could privately and anonymously inquire about such information. Fifty-five percent of AIDS cases in the state of Florida are between the ages of 13-39; the Florida Department of Health needed to effectively communicate with this largely effected demographic.


The Challenge

1.  Provide AIDS testing facilities information located throughout Florida to citizens.

2. Keep identity anonymous allowing individuals to privately gather information.

3. Effectively communicate with the largely effected demographic of 13-39.


The Solution

The Florida Department of Health partnered with Tetherball to create a program where citizens can send in their zip code to a number and privately get the AIDS information they need. To increase anonymity, only the last 4 digits of all the numbers are stored to ensure the message cannot be traced back to the individual.


The Results

The program has been running for over two years, and the Florida Department of Health has just recently renewed their contract for a third year. Over the course of the program, thousands have used the service privately to get AIDS testing information they need.