Challenging the Dutch Market - DSNR Media Group & Mobster Case study

DSNR Media Group & Mobster Case study

“A Cyprus-based mobile entertainment company with global ambitions, we partnered with DMG to target the Dutch market.
DMG’s ability to monetize traffic internationally turned out to be remarkable; their proficiency in generating results increased conversions by 195%.

Of course, the implementation of the Traffiliate optimization platform was key to our campaign success.”

Rajesh K. Gobardhan, CMO, Mobster

The Goal
Creating the Call to Action
The goal was to increase the number of subscriber registrations on Mobster’s mobile content site. To this end, traffic had to be first driven to Mobster’s site, followed by subscriber registration for a range of exciting content, such as games, ringtones, wallpapers and ringbacks.

• The first step was to test traffic, drawing on DMG’s volume Dutch inventory. This process assured that the optimal media blend would be allocated for the Mobster campaign.

• The campaign was targeted at all mobile devices, and appeared on WAP traffic.

• Traffiliate Tracking Pixel was applied to all Mobster Mobile Content Ads, ensuring effective campaign monitoring, measurement and performance analysis.

The Solution
Capturing the Consumer’s Attention

Getting started
Close cooperation with Mobster enabled the creation of an optimal conversion funnel. From campaign strategy to messaging, from content and design of creative material to the user interaction, DMG aimed at activating actionable content for high response and CTR.

• A clear, simple, short, virtually intuitive subscription flow was created.

• Continuously refreshed campaign with new banners, offers and creatives.

• Landing page featuring a simple, straightforward list format

• Direct content links recommended by DMG’s specialists to enhance the subscriber’s brand experience.

• Focusing on inventory that provides the highest yield so as
to ensure higher conversion and the lowest possible eCPA.

• Professional 24/7 dedicated Account Managers

Optimizing the value chain
Traffiliate, DMG’s powerful unique proprietary optimization platform for advanced campaign performance tracking enabled up-to the-minute visibility, measurement, evaluation and optimization of each click, creative, landing page and campaign.

Unified reports based on aggregated data from all media sites and applications were consolidated into a single picture. The comprehensive campaign analysis made it easy to assess campaign effectiveness and measurable profits.

The Results
Converting the CLICK to Measurable ROI -
• ROI exceeded 100% and continues to grow
• 248, 938, 972 impressions served from 10.5.2010 to 1.10.2010
• 506,787 clicks generated
• 3,524 unique mobile subscriptions recorded
• Campaign continues to run LIVE on DMG Dutch inventory.

How it works
The subscriber clicks on the banner while browsing the internet via a mobile handset.

The subscriber is redirected to the Mobster mobile subscription page.

The intuitive registration page has a list presentation of content that immediately indicates the variety of attractive choices.

DMG’s result-based mobile advertising network offers global
premium inventory, total control of campaign conversion, a unique optimization platform, advanced targeting and dedicated teams.
The result: a remarkable increase in conversions, buzz, ROI and profitability.