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It seems like 2014 has begun a tipping year for brands and agencies to finally seriously start thinking about mobile in their marketing strategy.  Globally ad spend jumped by 105% in 2013, and is predicted to climb another 75% this year for a total of $31.5 billion.  The biggest drawback has been marketers getting the education needed for a successful mobile product and a successful ad campaign.  It’s a totally new media channel that requires simplification, engagement, and quick response.  Companies like Facebook and Yahoo, once completely thought of as a desktop brands, are now calling themselves and positioning as mobile first brands.

That being said, let’s get to the 5 biggest mobile advertising trends for 2014.

1)      BIG Data Grows Up:...


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A Marketers Guide to Messaging: Trends and Best Practices

This white paper is designed to provide marketers with an overview of the best practices and trends when marketing to consumers on mobile devices, via text messaging aka SMS (short message service), MMS (multimedia messaging service), push notifications, or any other mobile messaging media.

In this document we will provide an overview of messaging within the context of mobile marketing and not just mobile advertising, as there are clear distinctions between the two disciplines. Mobile messaging refers to the discipline of opt-in, push marketing to individual consumers, via connected devices. Mobile display advertising is generally pushed to a mobile device, within a mobile web site or within a mobile app, and in many cases, permission is not required to send that ad. Mobile marketing should be seen for what it is: the ability to...


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Company also aligns its organization structure to intensify its focus on Remarketing and Social

Komli Media, Asia Pacific’s leading digital media technology platform, announced the launch of an innovative, enterprise class Remarketing Demand Side Platform (RDSP) that enables digital marketers to convert site visitors into loyal customers with full transparency and management of media costs, customer data, campaign strategies and performance analytics. The launch further strengthens Komli Media’s expertise and leadership in performance and social media advertising across Asia Pacific.
Komli’s Remarketing DSP combines the transparency and self-serve benefits of a traditional DSP model with the ROI and scale of remarketing by adding features such as native dynamic creative optimization, advanced audience segmentation, and built-in performance optimization. Advertisers also have the flexibility to either self-manage their campaigns using the platform or leverage Komli’s...


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With co-chairs Sean Moshir, CellTrust and Malcolm Cadd, Neustar, the committee officially kicked off on December 3rd 2013. The mission of a MMA North America Mobile Security Committee will be “to ignite awareness and develop mobile security best practices for mobile marketing professionals, brand leaders, technologists, operators, device manufacturers and other key providers across the mobile value chain.  Through collaboration and information sharing we will identify and close many of the existing vulnerability gaps to protect the mobile value chain, our hard earned brand reputations, and the personal assets of our mobile customers from criminal cyber activity.”

This committee will be most successful if we have participants form all segments of the mobile eco-system. There is a well-articulated Strategic Framework, Industry Landscape and Outline of Security Threats that can help MMA member companies learn more about the value of joining....


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Adam Lavine, the CEO of FunMobility, welcomed Jeremy Agulnek from Vibes to join him as the co-chair of this group. In the recent meeting held on October 30th 2013 Adam reviewed the initial trials of a mobile ad unit that were held in Northern California. Adam noted that the trials were too small to make a big impact, but that more such efforts are planned for 2014. The committee welcomes new members, and is especially interested in participation by retailer and brand members of MMA. Contact [email protected].



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With 36 member companies now on the Committee, the recent meeting held on October 28th 2013, focused on what issues need to be addressed to help the market better understand the opportunities and challenges in programmatic.  Member companies submitted a series of questions and Mary Beth McCabe of National University helped prepare the survey that we want all MMA members to consider taking. If you are involved in programmatic in any way – buy side or sell side – please take the survey at We would like to have sufficient participation so that we can discuss results at our next meeting: December 17th 2013, 2 PM ET.


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As previously announced, the Location Committee has formed a number of working groups to address discrete areas within the location segment of mobile. The In-Store Mobile group has met a few times and is planning to conduct a webinar the week of January 6th 2014 (timed just before the National Retail Federation show) – the subject: “Top 10 Things Retailers Need to Know About In-Store Mobile Marketing.”  These recommendations will build on the Future of Privacy Forum’s (MMA member company, led by Jules Polonetsky) recently released Code of Conduct to promote consumer privacy and responsible data use for retail location analytics.

The committee continues to work on a number of other initiatives, and MMA...


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On October 17th 2013 MMA member company Patton Boggs LLP, on behalf of a consortium of MMA members companies, filed a petition to the FCC asking for clarification on rules that went into effect October 16th 2013. Specifically, it is critical for the Commission to declare explicitly that in those cases where a mobile marketer has, prior to October 16, already received a consumer's express consent in writing to receive certain mobile marketing communications, consistent with the TCPA rules already in place at the time consent was given, the consumer does not have to take additional steps in order to continue receiving those messages, and the mobile marketer does not need to take steps to obtain the revised forms of written consent applicable to new customers starting October 16.

After the filing the MMA and other companies in the Coalition visited with FCC staff to add more background and color to the self-regulated nature of SMS messaging. Thereafter, the FCC...


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Download the petition here.

As may know, on October 16, 2013, new rules governing mobile marketing went into effect. Pursuant to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now requiring companies to obtain "express written consent" from consumers to market to their mobile devices. As defined by the FCC, ‘prior express written consent’ is an agreement in writing with a signature that authorizes the seller to make telemarketing calls or texts, including the use of an autodialer and prerecorded voice.

A number of companies, including MMA members, raised the issue of whether the new rules retroactively apply to customers who already provided express written consent. In light of this, the MMA rallied support from member organizations to submit a “...