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Below, you will be able to find Required Reading and Supplemental Materials which will help you learn about, or brush up on, basic principles of mobile marketing -- as well as industry regulations, privacy standards, consumer best practices, Global Code of Conduct and other guidelines.  This Resource Center will be constantly updated with the latest materials, so be sure that you check in regularly to stay up-to-date on new guidelines and standards.


Why Is It Important to Study These Materials Before Taking Your Certification Exam?


The Tier 1 Certification Exam was designed using the latest versions of the materials below.  After you've studied all of the "Required Reading" you may proceed to take the Certification Exam. 

You will have 1 hour  to complete this exam during your first attempt. You may not pause the test, so please plan your time accordingly. If you exit without completing the exam, your results will not be recorded.  If you fail to complete or pass the exam in your first attempt, and you wish to retake the exam, an additional $50 charge will be applied.  Minimum Passing Score = 88%.  Only after successfully passing the exam will you be considered a MMA Certified Mobile Marketer, Tier 1.


Required Reading



Code of Conduct for Mobile Marketing

Consumer privacy standards when marketing to the mobile phone.


Mobile Search Use Cases

A collection of use cases that demonstrate the functionality and possibilities of mobile search.


Consumer Best Practices Standards

A compilation of accepted industry practices, wireless carrier policies and regulatory guidance.


Mobile Marketing Sweepstakes & Promotions Guide

A descriptive guide to extending sweepstakes and promotions to the mobile channel.


Mobile Advertising Guidelines

Global mobile advertising formats and best practices for display and messaging.


Off Portal - An Introduction to the Market Opportunity

An educational white paper on how the off-portal channel works.


Mobile Measurement Ad Currency Definitions

A set of definitions for the measurement of mobile media advertising currency.


Understanding Mobile Marketing: Technology & Reach

An educational white paper on creating and executing a mobile campaign.


Mobile Advertising Overview

An educational white paper on the opportunities for mobile advertising.


Mobile Marketing Industry Glossary

A common set of terms and definitions applicable to mobile advertising and marketing.


Mobile Banking Overview

An introduction to mobile banking across five primary mobile channels with advantages and disadvantages of each.


Web Marketing All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Web Marketing All-in-One For Dummies shows you how to please both customers and search engines; track your performance; market with e-mail, blogs, and social media; and more.


Introduction to Mobile Search

An educational white paper on the opportunities in mobile search.



The Mobile Giving Foundation brings the power and reach of mobile phones to nonprofit organizations as a new fundraising and donor interaction mechanism.


Short Code Primer

An informational guide to short code based marketing campaigns.



Common short codes ( CSCs ) are short strings of numbers that are used to address wireless messages and are administered by a single CSC Administrator (CSCA).


Introduction to Mobile Coupons

An introduction to launch and process mobile couponing campaigns efficiently.


How to budget and time mobile marketing campaigns  By Michael Becker

Article on how to cost out a mobile marketing program and overview on how long it is going to take from start to finish and launch. 


2012 Mobile Future in Focus

comScore presents the 2012 Mobile Future in Focus, its annual report examining the mobile and connected device landscape.


Connected Europe: How Smartphones and Tablets are Shifting Media Consumption

As illustrated in this report, today’s digital environment is rapidly evolving in Europe, driven by the proliferation of devices people use to consume content at home, at work and on-the-go.


Our Mobile Planet

Learn about smartphone adoption and usage across 40 countries. Create custom charts to deepen your understanding of the mobile consumer and get the data you need to guide your mobile strategy.



Supplemental Materials


The Mobile Marketing Association's website hosts extensive content on mobile marketing and its associated technologies:


Case Studies

DVDs - past MMA Forum events

International Journal of Mobile Marketing


MMA glossary

MMA best practice



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